Abstracts Submission Rules

Remember that at least one of the authors of each presentation should register for the conference before the early closing date of 19th May 2019. Abstracts for which none of the authors have registered will not be included in the book of abstracts.

Please note that the abstract submission must obey to some rules, such as a limit of 350 words for the body text of the abstract and the title must only carry 20 words, per abstract. It is also mandatory to choose a 1st Theme Option and 2nd Theme Option.

Click here for an abstract example.

Poster Presentations

The main form of scientific communication in this conference is the poster. There is no limit to the number of posters that will be accepted from a single author/group. Posters will be grouped, where possible, according to subject. Please note that prizes for the best three posters – as judged by their succinctness and clarity, conciseness and general ‘appeal’ – will be awarded during the banquet. Posters should be printed in a portrait orientation with the following dimensions: Height: 1meter/ With: 90 centimeters. You are also encouraged to bring with you A4 copies of your poster presentation in order to facilitate the distribution of the information to interested delegates.

Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation will be allotted 15 minutes. The actual talk should be no longer than 12 minutes to allow time for questions, discussion and changeover to the next speaker.

Provisional Themes

All submitted contributions will be peer-reviewed by an expert panel. Different oral sessions will be arranged based on the scientific quality of the contributions, the number of papers submitted on each topic and on room availability. Those abstracts not selected for oral presentation will automatically revert to poster presentation and will be placed in a suitable poster session. The decision of the organizers in this matter will be final.

  1. Antimicrobial resistance in fish and shellfish
  2. Aquatic animal epidemiology
  3. Aquatic animal welfare
  4. Bacterial diseases
  5. Bio-security in aquaculture and veterinary labs
  6. Climate changes, ocean acidification and diseases
  7. Co-infections and multiple stressors
  8. Diagnostics
  9. Diseases of public concern
  10. Diseases of uncertain aetiology
  11. Diseases of wild and ornamental fish
  12. Emerging and alien pathogen species
  13. Environmental and toxicological diseases
  14. Fish and shellfish immunology
  15. Host-parasite interactions
  16. Immunomodulators and aquatic animal health
  17. Molluscs and crustacean diseases
  18. Myxozoan diseases
  19. Nutrition and health
  20. Parasitological diseases
  21. Prophylaxis and treatment
  22. Vaccinology
  23. Viruses and viral diseases

Congress Audiovisual Facilities

A full range of audio-visual facilities will be available at the conference. Speakers must bring their presentations on a USB Memory Stick. It is recommended you bring at least 2 copies of your presentation to the meeting in two different formats, in case there are technical/software issues. Please remember to bring A4 printouts of your poster presentation(s).


  • Deadline for abstract submission April 5th
  • Deadline for Authors Notification May 10th
  • Deadline for early registration May 19th
  • Deadline for standard registration July 31st
  • Deadline for late registration August 31st

To submit more than one abstract you will have to fill in a new form every time. For any doubt please contact the secretariat at scientificmail@skyros-congressos.com