Giuseppe Scapigliati

I obtained a Doctoral Degree in Biology at the University of Siena (I), and a Phylsophiae Doctoral Degree in Zoology at the University of Aberdeen (UK).

My present position is of full professor in Zoology at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo (I), where I teach Animal Cellular Molecular Biology and Comparative Immunology (8 CFU, Biotechnology students); Zoology (9 CFU, Biology students), here I do tutorial activity for M.SC. and Ph.D. students.

My main scientific and research interests are in Fish Immunology, Comparative Immunology, Animal Physiology/Biotechnology, Cell Biology. To date, I have published 138 peer-reviewed papers, 21 book chapters, and various editorials. Most of these papers are on the physiology and immunobiology of Mediterranean sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) in various farming conditions and upon pathogen/antigen stimulating conditions. Main research achievements have been the production of specific antibodies for sea bass T cells, IgM-B cells, IgT-B cells, CD45 leukocytes, monocytes, complement C3b, IgM, IgT, and obtainment and cloning of CDNA sequences for all master regulator genes of innate and acquired immune responses. The cellular and molecular probes have been employed to investigate the basal cellular and molecular asset of sea bass immune system components, the timing of specific immunity components during larval and juvenile development, the modulation of immune rresponses upon variations in environmental and farming conditions, upon immunization by bacterial and viral antigens, and upon vaccination against main sea bass pathogens, in particular nodavirus. Also, conditions for in vitro functional analysis of sea bass leukocyte responses have been established.

The scientific results lead to the funding of three EU-funded projects in fish immunology: 5FP FISHAID; 6FP IMAQUANIM; 7FP TARGETFISH, and of eleven National projects.

I’m currently in the Editorial Board of Fish And Shellfish Immunology, Developmental and Comparative Immunology, PLoSONE, Frontiers in Immunology.

Professional achievements have been: President-Elect of the International Society of Fish and Shellfish Immunology; Dean of the School of Biotechnology at University of Tuscia (I); refereeing activity for >20 international research projects/academic personnel, reviewing activity for 23 international journals; invitations as speaker in international meetings; organization of international meetings; participation to scientific expeditions in Antarctica.

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